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5 Singapore-based Vegan Snacks to order online


Do you feel guilty while snacking sometimes? Well Amazin’Graze is for you! This shop sells many different healthy snacks from granolas, oatmeal and nut butter! However, the crowd favourite is their nut mix with unique local flavours like Coconut Curry, Sweet Chilli Nut Mix and Pandan Coconut!

They also recently released a new item on their website! Brownie Chips!

Free Delivery above $20! Order now at

Alohna SG

Do you want a treat during this tropical heat season? Alohna SG sells delicious Vegan Ice Cream for only $4.90 a tub! They have 4 different flavours to choose from like Coco-Vanilla, Orea, Lemon Tart and Speculoos! Speculoos is new on their menu, it is their biscoff flavored ice-cream, a shortcrust biscuit caramelised and baked till brown.

They also recently offered vegan cookies! You can even order both Ice Cream and Cookies as a bundle!

They deliver islandwide for only $5!

DM them on Instagram to order! @alohnasg

Alternative Milk Project

Are you tired of drinking plain fresh milk? Alternative Milk Project offers non-dairy milk alternatives that will sure taste better than your regular cow milk! They make flavoured OAT-Cashew milk made from scratch! Their flavours are Original Oat-Cashew, Chocolate, Fresh Strawberry, Fresh Banana and their very own unique flavour Blue Moon a lavender flavoured milk!

They deliver islandwide for only $5!

Slide in their dms to order! @alkmlkproject

Yoga Super Fuel

A healthy cookies alternative! Yoga Super Fuel offers gluten free and dairy free cookies that will satisfy your sweet cravings! They offer many different flavours like cocoa-coconut, fig amaranth, almond buckwheat and many more!

The Oatberry Cafe

Craving for a cold and summery snack? The Oatberry Cafe offers delicious acai bowls, smoothies and yogurt bowls! Prices start from $5.50!

They even offer a unique snack, ‘mushroom farm snack’! In many different flavours! From $4.90!

Article by Kaira Entienza

Follow her on IG:

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