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5 shows on Netflix to watch this March with your Bros

With COVID-19 running its rampage, many countries have implemented stay at home notices, as well as measures for social distancing and self-quarantine. Many Singaporeans may see ourselves stuck at home for the next few weeks, with many of our favourite activities limited to the indoors. However, there may be no better time than this to catch up some binge-worthy shows, so gather your bros and tune in to the 5 top shows to watch on Netflix this March.

1. The Valhalla Murders

Now this is one murder series that will make you feel safe staying at home. The Valhalla Murders follows our protagonist – an Oslo detective who with a secret past, who returns to his native Iceland to hunt a serial killer. Like any good murder-mystery, the show involves long-buried secrets, painful pasts, revenge, and numerous twists.

2. 100 Humans (Season 1)

What happens when you have 100 people and pit them against each other in various tests? That’s what the experimenters of 100 Humans are hoping to explore in this comedic science series on human behaviour. From determining the secrets of human attraction to finding out if good dancing is indicative of a high sperm count, 100 Humans deal with questions that may seem slightly ridiculous yet intriguing, making it a pleasant show to watch with friends.

3. Miracle in Cell No. 7

If you find the name of this movie familiar, it’s because Netflix’ Miracle in Call No. 7 is a remake of the famous South Korean film of the same name. Emotional enough to move any garang friend of yours to tears, the film follows a wrongfully imprisoned father with an intellectual disability who was separated from his daughter.

Spoiler alert: One of the ending scenes guarantees a full-on sob-fest, so do remember to prepare a box of tissues!

4. Q Ball

If you think documentaries are boring, think again. Executively produced by NBA Star Kevin Durant, this compelling documentary throws a spotlight on two courts –basketball and the court of law. Q Ball focuses on a San Quentin State Prison rehabilitation program where inmates take a shot at redemption, navigate personal struggles, and bond through basketball. A truly inspirational film that will touch the hearts of every basketball fan.

5. Bloodride

A bus. An unknown destination. A group of doomed passengers. What are their stories? Bloodride is definitely a horror-thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seats. Similar to Black Mirror, there is no need to watch the chapters in order as the episodes are independent of each other.

Each of these binge-worthy episodes have their own touch of horror from psychological to straight out slasher-style, so go ahead and pick your poison.

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