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5 Shirts Under $150 To Grab For Your Hot City Boy Summer

Summer is around the corner 365 days a week in sunny Singapore, so don’t worry about seasonal changes! Your wardrobe will always be on point for the weather, so Shirts form the better half of your entire outfit, and are arguably the half that grounds someone’s first impression of you. Armpit sweat stains, a curry stain or even a pen mark can ruin someone’s impression of you, but a little drizzle of your snizzle down your pant leg won’t even cause someone to bat an eye unless you act suspiciously enough. Hmm.

Carhartt WIP Multi-Pocket Shirt

Featuring a multi-pocket style which was one of the main fashion styles at New York Fashion Week, this shirt is a wonderful way to have the New York runway on your shoulders for just $109. The olive green shade of this shirt wonderfully complements darker skin tones, and the straight, relaxed cut flatters most body types. The juxtaposition of the white buttons against the green shirt also allows you to have a wider variety of clothing or shoe colours to match, or simply create accent colours in your outfit as well, making it easily a wardrobe staple for many people. Made with linen material, this shirt is an excellent partner for both casual and semi casual days!

Carhartt WIP Foley Striped Short-Sleeved Shirt

A light, flowy shirt, this is perfect for sweltering afternoons dining alfresco and day drinking with friends you don’t miss from your secondary school days.

This shirt features a 100% viscose fabric similar to rayon which gives it an airy feel on the skin, but definitely avoid it if you are environmentally conscious as artificial fabrics tend to release microplastics which are bad for the environment and marine life. The bright, pastel colours of this shirt make it exceptionally flattering for extremely dark skin tones, especially when paired with a lighter bottom which creates a beautiful contrast. The looser fit, however, may eat up smaller body frames so you might want to pay attention to the sizing and measurements before committing to your usual size.

Dolce & Gabbana Cotton Vest Top

Nothing spells high fashion like a cotton vest tank top straight from the Parisian fashion runway in the 1990s.

This basic black tank top is a nice casual top for running errands, a casual hangout with friends or simply lounging at home in 37 degree weather. The cotton material is wonderful for absorbing moisture so you don’t feel sticky when it’s hot out, and the skimpy nature of the tank top will help you to keep cool in hot weather. With a cleaner cut and more tailored fit, this shirt is a good alternative to wifebeaters which are definitely more “unsightly” to wear out on a hot day.

Polo Ralph Lauren Embroidered-Logo Shirt

The symbol of the modern preppy lifestyle, Polo Ralph Lauren never fails to come in clutch with timeless, classic clothing that puts you one step above your friends with its tailored fit and clean hems. This shirt is a flattering cut for most body types with its straight down cut and cotton material which doesn’t cling to static-y body parts like many polyester fabrics do, which also means that it’s a cooling, hot-weather friendly material to sport in hot Singapore weather.

Polo Pony Embroidered T-shirt

Another signature classic of the Ralph Lauren brand, this shirt is a classic staple for the wardrobe. This may look like any other T-shirt you can find in H&M or Zara, you are paying for the quality and fit of this shirt. This shirt has a relaxed fit which flatters most body types and looks good with most pant silhouettes unless you’re wearing FBT shorts or your army PT kit shorts. The crew neckline also works to create a higher coverage shirt which creates a cleaner, neater look and the shorter sleeves give you a more tailored look as it doesn’t cut off your arm too much. This basic T-shirt is an excellent staple for all skin tones as it comes in a variety of colours while staying true to its universally flattering cut.

Article written by Michelle Ang


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