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5 SEXY Fitness Queens to Follow on Instagram

Let‘s all be real, open and honest..... Who is NOT guilty of browsing through Instagram accounts of girls with beach bodies or hourglass figures? 🍑 Not me, and I don’t know anyone who isn’t 🤔🤪 Glimpse below to find out who you should keep your eyes open for 👀


Don't be misled by her baby face because Jasmine is a 30-year-old whose been a personal trainer for over ten years! Wow 👏🏽 Her Instagram feed mostly consists of workout videos whether it's for legs day, cardio or a full body workout! Perfect gym companion I'd say ☺ Beware that you may sometimes be bombarded with amusing quotes and memes 🤪

Jasmine's Instagram:

Jasmine's Website:


The 100% Instagram baddie. Ivy is an online coach so she can plan your workout routine with you, virtually (a plus point especially during this flu season, yes?) In case you're wondering, she is certified with a diploma in sport and exercise sciences! 😍 Rest assured, you'll switch Ivy's Instagram post notifications right away 😉

Ivy's Instagram:


Nadiah's fitness journey was sure as hell, impromptu but it has led her to attaining the title of an IFBB ELITE PRO professional bikini-fitness competitor. The full time Physical Education teacher is also personal trainer, meal planner and specialises in competition posing. Having been a national champion (you go girl!🤘🏽) in two competitions, Nadiah is the go-to trainer for anyone out there looking to compete 😁

Nadiah's Instagram:

Nadiah's Website:


On weekdays, Syimah spends over nine hours daily dealing with eighteen toddlers, their mood swings, excitement, their parents as an early childhood educator 🤯 She still manages to fill in at least one hour of gym time (almost every other day) in her hectic schedule. What got Syimah started was a traumatic body-shaming experience but what kept her going till date is....... her DEDICATION to fitness and health 👌🏽 Now, what are you waiting for? Let's work it, ladies! 😏


At first glance of the photo above, you'd think that she's just another fitness competitor. Na-ah honey. The personal trainer cum nutrition coach is the founder and creative director of NastyCookie, known for its gooey, crispy New York style Gourmet cookies 🍪🥛 She is also an avid foodie who has whipped up fancy sweets like caramel gradient lapis cake, white cake, guilt-free doughnuts, pretzels, pulled pork, char siew, burgers and so much more. I bet your mouth is already watering 🤤

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