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5 Popular Male Fitness Trainers in Singapore

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

It can be hard to drag yourself off the couch, pause Netflix and head to the gym for your workout. Sometimes a little boost is all we need, and one of the best ways to get motivated is by hiring a fitness trainer. If you’re not sure where to find one, you can start by checking out these 5 popular male fitness trainers in Singapore – and they coach both men and women!

1. Edison Ho

Photo Credit: Poppy TV

Edison Ho is a certified personal trainer who won various physique contests namely Mr World Singapore 2012/2013, Mister Singapore 2012 (Mr Congeniality) and Mr Muscle Singapore 2011. Known to be a trainer that is tough yet warm, he also offers Fitness Coaching, Fat Loss, Muscle Building and Core Training.

While this hottie is off the market and is happily married to his wife – who’s also given birth to a baby boy last year – he still maintains his popularity among female clients who make up half his clientele!

2. Ryan Chan

Photo Credit: ShimsFitness

Ryan Chan is not only a certified personal trainer, he’s also a Sports Nutritionist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Sports and Deep Tissue Therapist and Health Coach. Further adding on to his credibility is the fact that he’s been featured on 8 Days and Men’s Health!

If you’re looking for a fitness coach who values sustainability, Ryan is the coach for you. As he doesn’t believe in short-cut methods or drastic weight management methods, you‘ll learn to build a strong foundation that’ll help you maintain a healthier lifestyle in the long run.

3. Jason Chee

Photo Credit: Metropolitant

The winner of Manhunt Singapore 2012 is also a popular fitness influencer; in the 2017 Fitness Best Asia Awards, Jason Chee won the Trendsetter Award – Social Media Influencer of the year. Standing at 1.81m tall and weighing 92kg, Jason initially entered the fitness world by accident, and was even a competitive basketball player in polytechnic.

Whether you’re a 60-year-old uncle or fitness noob, Jason is confident that he can help anyone achieve their fitness goals. I mean – if a fan from Malaysia was so inspired that he traveled to Singapore just to train with Jason, we’re sure he’s pretty goddamn good.

4. Darren Stephen Lim

Photo Credit: Lunch Click

Darren Stephen Lim is not just a hot bod – he’s got the looks too. The fitness model and personal trainer is the founder of D Fitness, a gym located at East Coast. He also endorses brands such as DNAFIT and NutriFirst.

If you’re looking for someone who can customize each and every workout to your needs, Darren’s the guy for you! Using the latest fitness innovations and methods, he and his team at D Fitness aim to reach each client’s goals realistically while maximizing their potential.

5. Haaziq Mutazah

Photo Credit: Esquire

Haaziq Mutazah is the co-founder of Start Station – Singapore’s first studio offering calisthenic and yoga. At Start Station, you can expect different types of classes from fast-paced HIIT classes to slow and controlled strength training. As Haaziq is a certified yoga instructor, he is known to have a softer approach to callisthenics that almost seems gymnastics-like. If you’re looking for something less mainstream, feel free to give his sessions a go!

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