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5 Mixed-blood Male Models in Singapore

Being ‘half’ seems to be in trend these days, and identifying as mixed-blood has become some sort of a bragging right. These 5 male models with mixed heritage have definitely been blessed with agreeable features, and we’ve compiled them below for your eye candy.

1. Teddy Tang

Photo Credit: Magzter

If you followed local TV talent hunt Hey Gorgeous, you may remember the show’s 2012 winner Teddy Tang. Teddy’s exotic good looks – inherited from his Taiwanese mother and Singaporean Chinese father of Dutch and Japanese descent – landed him several modeling jobs with established brands such as Fendi, Dior, Issey Miyake and Adidas. Besides modeling, Teddy also has an interest in acting and you can see him in numerous local productions such as Tanglin, My One In A Million and Hero.

2. Eugene Brosman

Photo Credit: The Straits Times

Eugene Brosman was a popular model in the 80s and was previously known as Eugene Poh. The reason for the name change? According to him, a Western name made it easier for him to find jobs back in London, which was where he moved to after the financial crisis.

Before moving the London, the half-Chinese, half-English model was of high-demand in the modeling industry; he modeled for magazines such as Her World and Female, as well as brands like Giordano and Samsung. While he’s now left the world of modeling, Brosman still maintains his good looks at the age of 50 years old.

3. Helmie Ashiblie

Photo Credit: The Straits Times

Helmie Ashiblie was another popular Singapore model in the 80s and first started modeling under Carrie Models – as a NSmen! While he currently lives in the United States, the Dutch-Arabian appeared in numerous magazines such as Her World and GQ during his prime, and was even named Male Model Of The Year at the 1998 Glamour Awards – a prestigious modeling competition organized by Female magazine.

Fun fact: after moving to New York, Helmie Ashiblie quit modeling and started a company producing military tactical gear. His clients include the Singapore Police Force Special Tactics and Rescue Unit, as well as the US Air Force! Now that’s what we call a career change.

4. Henry Golding

Photo Credit: GQ

Henry Golding is a popular name and face, and Singaporean women everywhere fell for his charms in the critically-acclaimed 2018 movie Crazy Rich Asians. While Golding was born in Sarawak, Malaysia to an English father and mother of indigenous Iban ancestry, he has called our little red dot home for close to a decade and has lived here as a Singaporean PR. Aside from acting, Golding has modelled for many magazines such as Vanity Fair, W Magazine and GQ – where he was also the first Asian man to ever be on its cover!

5. George Young

Photo Credit: The Straits Times

Born to a Malaysian Chinese father and Greek Cypriot mother, George Young is a Singapore-based model with outstanding looks and an even more outstanding portfolio. Interestingly, his first ever feature role was in a Bollywood film called Jhootha Hi Sahi, and from then on he continued to appear in numerous TV commercials in Taiwan and Thailand. Even more impressively, Young filmed two Mediacorp Mandarin-language dramas concurrently in the early 2010s – Yours Fatefully and Joys of Life – after only studying Mandarin for less than a year! Currently, he is represented in Singapore by Fly Entertainment and Agency for the Performing Arts in the United States.

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