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5 Male Fitness Youtubers you should subscribe to

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

If there’s one thing we’ve got to thank Covid-19 for, it’s that the pandemic allowed a huge number of fitness influencers and coaches across the world to go viral and dominate our Singaporean screens. From the handsome Chris Heria to comedic Bart Kwan, these 5 fitness YouTubers will make you want to get off the couch and hit the gym.

1. Chris Heria

Photo Credit: Everipedia

Chris Heria is a famous calisthenics trainer from Florida with 2.59 million subscribers on YouTube. Born to a Chinese mother and Cuban father (which explains his dashing good looks), he also sports numerous tattoos which are equally sexy.

If you’re a beginner, Chris Heria’s videos are great for you as they’re relatively easy to follow. Besides fitness videos, he also posts content about his family, home workouts and nutrition.

2. The Body Coach TV

Photo Credit: Business Insider

Just look at this man’s chest! Joe Wicks is another popular fitness YouTuber and you may know him as The Body Coach. Having amassed a huge online following, he’s also released a number of cookbooks and secured many product endorsements with famous brands.

Joe is best-known for his 90-day body transformation plan which includes 4 weekly high-intensity workouts, drinking a lot of water and eating 3 protein-heavy meals each day. If you follow this regime for 3 months, you’re guaranteed to see results!

3. Jeff Nippard

Photo Credit: Jeff Nippard

Jeff Nippard is a professional bodybuilder and coach who shot to fame with his videos on training tips and techniques. With 2.19 million subscribers on YouTube, he is a credible name in the fitness industry and you can count on him to be completely honest with you when it comes to which fitness trends work and which don’t.

For those of you interested in nutrition, you’ll also find his food videos interesting, as he often explains the science behind certain food items and supplements.

4. Bart Kwan

Photo Credit: Bodybuilding & Fitness

Bart Kwan is a comedian-turned-fitness trainer, and made his YouTube debut creating goofy videos. Now, he owns his own gym called Barbell Brigade in Los Angeles with a motto “Dominate humbly”.

Kwan’s YouTube videos are funny yet interesting, and he often exposes scams in the fitness industry while emphasising the importance of knowing your personal limits. He’s also rather entertaining on Instagram and loves to post shirtless pics that show off his ripped physique. Of course, we don’t mind that at all.

5. Matt Kido

Photo Credit: Matt Kido

Also known as Gokuflex, Matt Kido is a fitness coach whose YouTube channel features exercise videos, food recipes and diet tips. The Hawaiian-born YouTube star is also a sponsored athlete for Alpha Clothing and Man Sports supplements, and created the Saiyan Aesthetics bodybuilding program following his YouTube channel’s success.

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