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5 Local Tik Tok Influencers to Follow To Pump Your Fitness Game

Updated: May 26, 2021

Tik Tok has been on the rise as a popular social media platform with its 30 second video clips, and more and more influencers turn to this platform to post content to help and educate their audience.

The fitness community is no exception, and many take to Tik Tok to share short fitness tips to boost their audience’s workouts with the short and straightforward content that Tik Tok encourages.

Here are some excellent Tik Tok influencers for you to follow so that you can up your fitness game! These influencers are based in Singapore and most probably have similar access to food and facilities as the rest of us, and hence are excellent people to look to for fitness advice and tips.

The Buffessor

Akbar Ali Seth, better known by his online persona The Buffessor, is a fitness coach who often answers fitness related questions on Tik Tok through a snappy 30 second video so his viewers get their answers as clearly and as straightforward as possible.

His name The Buffessor, a portmanteau of the words “buff” and “professor”, lives up to his name as he consistently helps his audience better understand fitness and diets to achieve their fitness goals more effectively and efficiently.

He also has many videos which are extremely helpful for beginners, and has many diet friendly recipes and food recommendations to promote healthy, balanced diets to his viewers.

Find The Buffessor on Tik Tok: @thebuffessor

Fuad Kim

Like The Buffessor, Fuad Kim posts fitness and diet related content to help his audience achieve their fitness goals healthily and effectively.

However, what sets Fuad apart from many fitness influencers is that he is a Muslim influencer who like many other Muslims, have to fast this Ramadan season. His content also helps other Muslim fitness enthusiasts with their diets and lifestyles this season so they do not lose too much progress at the gym, which is extremely helpful for those who have to fast and want to maintain their progress.

He also debunks many fitness myths and misconceptions many people have which could result in unsafe fitness routines, and Fuad comes in as an exceptionally helpful and educational source of learning for these people.

Find Fuad on Tik Tok: @fuadalhakimofficial


NJLtheAwesome or better known as Nicholas, is a personal trainer at Pure Fitness. He also has a series of impressive accolades under his belt having been awarded the Best Male and Best Physique titles in the Fitness360 event in 2018.

Nicholas is big on callisthenics and often posts fun and out of the norm workouts for his audience to try, which is great for those who are tired of the same few machines at the gym or repetitive HIIT workouts at home.

Find Nicholas on Tik Tok: @NJLtheAwesome


A university student, model and athlete all in one Seowie, or Shaun Michael Seow is a fitness influencer on Tik Tok who often posts video logs of his gym sessions.

Seow’s Tik Tok account acts as a video log of his progress to help motivate and inspire his viewers who may be struggling in the gym, or simply people who find it difficult to take the first step to begin their fitness journey at the gym.

Besides his Tik Tok videos, he has also made many resources available to help those who find comfort in a few guidelines in their workouts, which can be found on his website.


Amidst most of the male fitness influencers on Tik Tok, Jojo is a breath of fresh air as she posts more relatable, humorous videos about fitness and her workouts that don’t necessarily take place in the gym.

Jojo’s sense of humour, relatable videos and pleasant and cheerful disposition make her account a pleasant follow!

Find Jojo on Tik Tok: @jojosgfitness

Article written by Michelle Ang


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