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5 Local F&B Businesses Owned By Good Looking People

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Whether it’s a home-based business, a hawker stall or a restaurant, many people are very successful these days running a business regardless of its scale. A microscope has been placed on the F&B industry as of late, with dining in restrictions affecting much of their business and livelihoods. As such, there have been many social outreach programmes to help the affected people and businesses.

In support of the F&b community, we have prepared a short, lighthearted read to lighten the mood on the recent downturn of events for the F&B community, and sourced for the 5 most good looking hawker stall owners for you to keep an eye out for, and extend your support to in these trying times.

Beng Who Cooks

Run by two self-proclaimed “ah bengs”, 28-year-old Hung Zheng Long and 29-year-old Jason Chua, their self made brand Beng Who Cooks has grown exponentially from a quaint hawker stall at Hong Lim Complex into a swanky, newly opened restaurant at 39 Neil Road last year.

Despite having been hard hit by the Circuit Breaker measures last April to June, the duo provided $15000 worth of meals for people who faced financial difficulties and were unable to afford meals due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In an Instagram video alerting their audience of the initiative, Chua said, "We don't need proof, just tell us and we'll (deliver)," Chua said in the video.

"Even if you do bad things, you just want to get a free meal, so be it."

The pair have also launched an official initiative, the Beng Who Cooks Foundation that provides food for people who have difficulties affording their meals.

In our eyes, kind people are the best people. Chua and Hung have earned a well-deserved spot in many Singaporeans’ hearts, and the overwhelming support they have received for their charitable causes is a testament to that.

Daryl Aiden Yow

Yow is a home-based baker and a professional photographer, who has worked with big brands such as Canon and SU:M 37. In his latest business venture, Yow started a baking brand Absolutely Batter, selling a wide assortment of baked goods ranging from biscuits to cookies to tarts and brownies, and have even expanded into selling DIY kits and savoury finger food, like their drool-inducing Mala Cheese Bomb and their sold-out Turkey Cheese Onion Bomb.

Yow has built a brand that is extremely successful, which owes its kudos not just to its tasty treats, but also his past experience as a photographer, which has tremendously helped in crafting a brand image and marketing Absolutely Batter.

The visual impact of Absolutely Batter is extremely impressive, colourful and lively which makes his already appetizing treats look even more gastronomically attractive.

Two Men Bagel House

This bagel chain is owned by two men, as evidenced by the name. Run by brothers Jerome Lam and Jereborne lam, this renowned bagel brand has become a household name amongst millennials and Gen Zs. Known for their close relation to avocado toast and the lightly toasted bagels which are paired with many tasty fillings, their menu caters to the modern crowd with their heavy use of avocado, bacon, scrambled eggs and cream cheese.

They also serve spanking fragrant cold brew coffee that many people obsess over, and have unique and one of a kind drinks such as their Peanut Butter Shake, Dirty Matcha and Cereal Milk which are bound to keep you coming back for more.

Wang Lei

Many affectionately know Wang as the king of getai, or his memorable roles in Jack Neo’s films Where Got Ghost and The Ghosts Must Be Crazy, but he has recently garnered explosive popularity for his fish selling business online.

Wang employs a vulgar kind of humour which tickles many peoples’ funny bones, which has earned him praise from international superstars like Show Luo. On his live streams which are conducted on Facebook, Wang sometimes enlists the help of his wife and daughter, to help key in orders, or sometimes to just simply add on to the atmosphere of his live streams and create a lively live stream for his viewers to enjoy.

Three Good Guys

Three Good Guys is run by Three Good Looking Guys. The owners are Low Jun Jie, Mic and Alan, all of whom have put their brains together to create their brainchild, Three Good Guys. Three Good Guys serves bento lunches and everyone’s JB favourite: lok lok, with their in house special blend, the salted egg yolk sauce.

They have also launched a Thai style barbeque: mookata located at Jalan Bukit Merah, which features their special salted egg yolk sauce. Their mookata distinguishes itself from other mookata outlets in that they offer an assortment of local-inspired flavours, such as their Mala Chicken, Sriracha Pork and Tom Yum Chicken, which offer a real gastronomic adventure for foodies looking to jazz up their palate.

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