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5 Kind Acts by Singaporeans during Covid-19

5 kind acts by Singaporeans during Covid-19 that will warm your hearts

If you’ve been keeping up with the news, chances are that you’re overwhelmed by all the negative press surrounding Covid-19 and how the economy is crashing. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back from all the bad things that are happening and look towards the positives. Amidst the chaos, there are still unsung heroes among us, most of them just ordinary people who want to spread joy during this difficult time. Through the kind acts of these people, we hope that you’ll be inspired to brighten up someone’s day as well!

1. Married couple give away 17,000 free masks outside MRT station

Photo Credit: Singapore Atrium Sales

Singaporean Adrian Tan and his wife Ven Vy Vu Tran were celebrating Chinese New Year in Vietnam when they first heard news regarding the masks shortage in Singapore. Wanting to help, they immediately stocked up on masks in Vietnam and had them sent to Singapore, where they would be distributed for free. A viral post of the couple giving away the masks at Punggol MRT soon circulated on social media, and they have reportedly donated a total of 17,000 free masks! The videos also showed passers-by gladly accepting the masks and thanking the couple for their generosity.

2. Limau Estate Resident opens up home as mask collection point

Photo Credit: Dr Maliki Osman

When the government announced that up to 1.3 million Singaporean households would be given four masks each, grassroots leaders Eric Teo offered his place as a collection point so his neighbours could conveniently pick up their masks. Limau residents were pleasantly surprised by this kind initiative and decided to pay it forward by buying drinks for the volunteers and providing lamps when it got dark. It’s nice to know that the kampung spirit is still alive and well in the Lion City.

3. Couple films videos in five dialects to raise awareness about Covid-19

Photo Credit: LearnDialect.SG

While most of us are used to consuming news from mainstream media, the elderly are often left out due to language barriers. Hoping to bridge this communication gap, Eugene Lee and his wife Ski decided to put their dialect skills to good use by producing videos for the elderly in Hokkien, Cantonese, Teochew, Hakka and Hainanese. The videos aim to educate senior citizens on the risks and precautions of Covid-19, and to raise awareness about its symptoms.

The videos aren’t just useful for the elderly; use this Circuit Breaker to pick up a new dialect and communicate better with your ah gong and ah ma. If you’re interested, simply pop by their website at!

4. Social worker’s daughters give healthcare workers free breakfast

Photo Credit: Tong Yee

It’s saddening to hear news about nurses and healthcare workers being shunned by several members of the public. Instead of ostracising them, we should be thanking them for their hard work. Two young girls – Rui’en, 10, and Ruirui, 6, definitely felt this way and even went the extra mile to deliver free breakfast to hospital workers. Together with their parents, Rui’en and Ruirui delivered comfort foods such as chee cheong fun, curry puffs and nasi lemak to the healthcare workers and even paid for the breakfast using their own pocket money!

5. Freelancer live-streams recreational sessions for seniors on Facebook

Photo Credit: SilverGood

With more events and gatherings getting cancelled, many senior citizens could no longer participate in community activities. Empathising with the elderly, freelance educator-artist Moses Sia created a group called SilverGood to live-stream exercise, music, storytelling, and cooking sessions specially for the old folks. If you’d like to join SilverGood as a volunteer, head over to their Facebook page and sign up for a session!

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