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5 Hottest Young Chefs in Singapore cooking up a storm

Cooking is a skillful hobby, and we appreciate men who can whip up delicious meals – plus points if they’re incredibly attractive too! Here are 5 young chefs in Singapore who have cooked their way into the local culinary scene as well as our hearts. We can guarantee you that they’re of great taste!

1. Joe Leong

Photo Credit: Singapore Tatler

When it comes to handsome chefs, Joe Leong can never escape the list. Having worked in the culinary scene for more than a decade, he’s trained under award-winning chefs and worked his way up to become one of the most established young chefs in Singapore. While he’s worked in numerous places such as Laurent Bernard Chocolatier and Tippling Club, he currently works with his father – renowned chef Sam Leong – at Forest, where he combines Cantonese cooking techniques with the art of western desserts. We’re sure that his food tastes as good as he looks!

2. Christopher Kong

Photo Credit: 8 Days

This Singapore-based chef is only in his 30s, but he’s already racked up plenty of accomplishments in his resume. Not only has Christopher Kong cooked in NoMad New York and Waku Ghin Singapore – which are both Michelin-starred restaurants by the way – he’s also worked with famous French chef Guy Savoy. That’s enough to make any chef jealous!

Now, he’s started his own private dining experience – Dearborn Supper Club which is held in the confines of his Singapore apartment, starting at $138 for a 6-course meal. Not sure about you, but we’d happily pay the price to be served by this handsome chef!

3. Bill Ho

Photo Credit: Men’s Folio

This accidental chef initially started out as a graphic designer student, but later realized that he enjoyed cooking food – delicious ones, too – for customers. Bill Ho then trained and worked as a chef in many bars and restaurants including the Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge in Singapore, and eventually started his own (now former) restaurant – the Eight Café and Bar. Besides cooking, Bill also loves to travel and exercise, which may explain his great physique! They always say never trust a skinny chef, but we sure love one that’s buff!

4. Lennard Yeong

Photo Credit: Mothership

Lennard Yeong is a popular name in the food scene, and most of us may know him as a finalist on Master Chef Asia. Lennard is also a self-taught chef (which makes him ever the more impressive) and has conducted a series of mouth-watering documentaries titled For Food’s Sake! for Channel News Asia TV. Not only that, he’s also been named one of the World’s 50 Best ‘TasteHunters’.

5. Andrea Scarpa

Photo Credit: The Chosen Glutton

Andrea Scarpa is the Group Executive Chef of Da Paolo group, and is responsible for experimenting and creating new dishes in the Group’s central kitchen. Da Paolo has definitely become a household brand in Singapore, and they currently have seven outlets across the island. While it’s not often that customers get to catch the glimpse of this handsome chef, the half-Italian hottie does have an Instagram account.

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