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5 Healthy Recipe Blogs to Follow

So you’ve begun setting up your own meals in order to watch your weight. What you need is an archive of recipes and a nutrition plan to guide you on what meals to prep. 

We talked to a gastroenterologist who doubles as a fitness enthusiast from Gastroenterologist Singapore on preparing what good meal plans should be like.

"Meal planning should emphasize the consumption of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and food high in fiber. Saturated and trans fats, sodium, and added sugars should be heavily limited, and sources of protein should be included."

They also advise, if you have a dietary restriction, customizing it to your specific nutritional needs… for obvious reasons. 

That's why there are different recipe blogs that cater to all sorts of diets, from low carb to vegan to keto. Of course, we can't forget the diets whose restrictions are due to things like religious reasons either.  

Fortunately, there are many who are willing to share recipes for various diets. We’ve actually found 5 blogs that offer great recipes and advice for different diets.

These blogs can help you sort out a whole meal plan for a week or more. Anyways, whatever diet to follow, these blogs can help you find some healthy yet delicious choices.

  1. Eleat Sports Nutrition

Eleat Sports Nutrition has a lot of categories you can choose from. From gluten-free to dairy-free recipes, you’ll find recipes here that will suit your workout style and intake. They also have a wide array of recipes for athletes for proper nutrition.

If you’re big on sports nutrition, then this blog is a great match for you. Anyone who takes their workout and nutrition seriously should check it out!

  1. Eat Yourself Skinny

Eat Yourself Skinny was started by a fitness enthusiast who wants to present the best recipes that can fit people’s diets. They have recipes from a wide range of diets, from paleo to low-carb, and even kid-friendly recipes.

These choices will satisfy anyone who wants good meals while meeting dietary restrictions. Some of the recipes are gems!

  1. The Stone Soup

Stone Soup is for those who have limited ingredients. Their six-ingredient recipes can help whip up some of the most healthy, as well as delicious dishes. 

This is a blog for those who want wholesome and holistic food, as they tend to emphasize whole foods and-low carb choices. And the blog can help those on a grocery budget make a meal plan.

  1. Low Carb Maven

Low Carb Maven offers a plethora of choices for those with a low carb keto diet. They offer diets with whole foods as well as easy savory dishes, amazing desserts, and ingredient information for every type of food.

They also have an IG account and an FB account for easier ways to follow recipe updates. You’ll appreciate their prep as well as their delicious tried and tested recipes.

  1. Delishar

Hosted by Kay Sharon Lam, a foodie who appreciates Singaporean dishes, Delishar is all about making local Singaporean fare and spinning it into a healthier version. 

With a focus on a lifestyle that aims to be more holistic and wholesome, Delishar has made it as one of the top food blogs in Singapore.

That said, their desserts are on the indulgent side, so if you’re having a cheat day, you can have a cookie or two... or any of their cake recipes.

And on that sweet note, we end our list of the 5 best healthy recipe blogs to follow. If you want to have a healthier lifestyle, then starting with a better diet should be at the top of your to-do list!

Have fun checking out these blogs and cooking up a storm!

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