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Meet 5 lesser-known Good-Looking Male Athletes

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Singapore loves our male athletes – not only are they talented and have made our country proud, many of them are also strikingly attractive. Listed below, we introduce to you 5 Singapore athletes who are famous for their achievements and of course, dashing good looks.

1. Mark Leong – wakeboarding

Photo Credit: The Everyday People of Singapore

Just the sight of Mark Leong is enough to make his female fans scream in frenzy, and what’s there not to like? Not only is he tall and handsome, he’s hell of a good wakeboarder too, having nailed a gold medal at his first SEA games at just 17 years old.

Great guns aside, did we mention that he has a killer smile too?

2. Bryan Tee – Muay Thai

Photo Credit: DiscoverSG

At the age of 12, Bryan Tee would never have imagined that he’d become the established Muay Thai fighter he is today. Being constantly bullied for his small physique, Bryan became motivated to learn Muay Thai, and subsequently went on to compete all over the world at the highest levels.

Today, the hot stud is an assistant instructor at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts and holds an outstanding professional record of 30 wins, 5 and losses and 1 draw. Despite his fierceness in the ring, he’s quite a charmer too!

3. Brandon Ooi – canoeing

Photo Credit: TODAY Online

This national canoeist is so popular that he even has a Tumblr fan page – and deservingly so. Brandon Ooi made girls everywhere go gaga when he represented Singapore at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games, and he must’ve caught the eye of editors at The Straits Times since he was also featured in its Hot Bods section! His good looks have also landed him several modeling offers – which he turned down, unfortunately – but he does have an Instagram account with over 7,000 followers and counting for your viewing pleasure.

4. Emmanuel Ryan Paul – rock climbing

Photo Credit: JLL

Speed climber Emmanuel Ryan Paul climbed into the nation’s heart when he scaled a 15-metre wall in just 5.9 seconds to win the gold medal at the 2015 Asian Youth World Championships. While the 21-year old is disappointed that he isn’t able to compete this year due to Covid-19, he is looking forward to the 2021 World Cup and 2022 Asian Games. His strong will to do his best for Singapore makes him ever the more admirable, and we’ll definitely keep him in our radar!

5. Muncherji Zubin Percy – runner

Photo Credit: Singapore Athletics

At 1.88m tall, the former ACJC student turns head with his height and attractive physique. At 19 years old, Muncherji Zubin Percy broke the 1974 400m national record at the Asian Junior Championships in Taipei. Currently based in the United States, the now 24-year-old also achieved a double breakthrough at the 2018 Big Ten Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Indiana. Now that’s a guy with looks and talent which we stan 100%!

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