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5 Fun Sports to Try in Singapore To Keep Your Fitness in Check

Spin Cycling

“Spinning”, or “spin classes” as you’ve probably heard from your female friends on Instagram, are one of the hottest fitness trends in 2021 that everyone is raving about.

While pretty yoga leggings and high ponytails don’t exactly call out to the most masculine of men, this is a good workout to try for those who dread their HIIT cardio sessions with fitness YouTubers or the long run down the park which leaves your legs raw from insect bites.

Each session usually lasts 45-60 minutes, where participants sit on a stationary bike and follow the instructor’s directions, who is usually sat at the front of the class, or in the middle of the participants.

These spin cycle studios are also located at convenient, easy to access places usually in the CBD or Orchard area, which makes commuting to the studios to or from work much easier.


After seeing the new release of the Mortal Kombat film, one might feel inspired to be the next Cole Young and unlock their Arcana to throw a few strong punches. However, none of us are videogame characters, so it would probably be much smarter for us to go down to an MMA studio to train with a professional instead.

Kickboxing is a combat sport based on kicking and punching, which is an excellent way for many people to keep fit. It is also a way for people to protect themselves, which is especially wonderful for people who feel unsafe walking by themselves at night.

This sport is a full-body workout that has a strong focus on core muscles and helps build flexibility, balance and coordination which can help improve the fighter’s reflexes.

One kickboxing session usually lasts 30-45 minutes, a highly effective workout that is time-efficient as well.


More for people who seek a day of adventure under the sun, this sport trains primarily your arm muscles as you are sat in the kayak boat the whole time. Kayaking is excellent for groups of friends who want a fun time laughing and splashing in river waters.

Each kayak session usually starts in the morning and people usually kayak for upwards of 2-3 hours, which, more often than not, leads to a nasty sunburn, so be sure to pack a good sunscreen and consistently reapply to avoid burns.

People commonly kayak at the Kallang river, starting usually from the Sports Hub where they can rent boats and other equipment at an affordable rate, and usually head down to the Promenade or Marina Bay Sands area before turning back. Watch out for bad weather though, as nobody is allowed out to sea in the case of thunderstorms.

Ice Skating

Hate the sun? Don’t like to sweat? Prefer to hibernate in the cold embrace of air conditioning? If so, then ice skating is the activity for you.

Blasting cool air at record breaking cold temperatures in our tropics, ice skating rinks are extremely cold which is conducive for minimizing sweat during exercise, if that’s what you like.

Photo: KLook

An extremely fun activity to do with family or friends, ice skating is extremely family friendly as training equipment for both the little ones and adults are available for rental. Ice skating is heavy on the legs and core as a lot of core strength is needed to keep your balance while skating on ice.

Keeping your balance aside, ice skating is a pretty relaxing workout that puts very little strain on the body, so you might consider this perhaps on your off days from the gym, or if you’re just looking for a small perk to get moving.

Ice skating rinks are available at Kallang and Jurong East (JEM), so it’s pretty accessible for people living at both ends of the island.

Rock Climbing

Seen Spiderman and think you can one-up him? Then this is just the sport for you.

Photo: Climb Central

Rigorous, tiring and strenuous on the upper body, rock climbing is a sport for those looking to challenge themselves. It is a low impact sport that is easy on your joints unlike sports like running, and yet does the job as a full body work out.

Rock climbing also helps to improve your flexibility and coordination and challenges your cardiovascular system, which helps strengthen your heart, lungs and improve your stamina.

A lot of strain is placed on your core, shoulders and arm muscles so be sure to stretch and warm up properly before hitting the rocks!

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