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5 Contestants of Mr World Singapore 2020 to watch out for

We predict the 5 contestants who stand a good chance in this year's Mr World Singapore 2020.

Samuel Gallo

Contestant S9

Age: 29 Height 180cm Weight 80kg

He has had a great passion for travelling since his parents brought him along on short holiday trips around the world. But Sam always thought that the time spent during holidays was too short and promised himself that once he finished his studies he would go for a long solo trip.

So he went around Australia for over a year and then explored South East Asia for eight months as a backpacker. Tired after this endless trip and without a proper place to stay and settle down, Sam decided to accept his dream job offer in Singapore - a city that, more than any other city/country he visited, gave him the feeling to be perfect for living, as his warm personality, nurtured by the Italian sun, finds itself easily fitting into sunny Singapore.

For more than five years now, he has been in the city that he now can call his second home, and co-founded a personal training company to help people to achieve their dream body shape through sustainable training and diet.

Sam’s great passions include the beach, football and, as he is Italian, pizza. Naturally, he also loves to cook real Italian pasta.

"Live longer, Live stronger" is Sam’s philosophy, as he looks forward to living life to the fullest and putting smiles on the faces of those around him.

Contestant No. 1

Gabriel Lim

Age: 26 Years old, Height 172cm, Weight 78Kg

The decision to enter the engineering industry was a natural one for Gabriel. A socially awkward turtle by nature, Gabriel grew up being that weird kid in class watching anime and avoiding eye contact during conversations. Never feeling at home in social situations, coupled with his disposition towards Math and Physics in Secondary School, he went on to study Aerospace Engineering in Polytechnic and eventually graduated from Singapore Institute of Technology with a Degree in Mechatronics.

In between his educational journey however, Gabriel was posted to the police force to serve his National Service and was forced to step out of his comfort zone to communicate with strangers in order to manage situations and de-escalate conflicts. Furthermore, in the final year of his degree he decided to make the bold leap to join Manhunt 2017 and step into the limelight, further forcing himself to engage with the media and public. Coupled with his short stint of driving Grab (and being forced to make small talk with passengers [the horror!]) after graduation, Gabriel has slowly but surely been stepping out of his shell to becoming the confident and self-assured man that he aspires to be.

In the meantime though, Gabriel is working as an engineer in an aerospace company where crunching numbers take precedence over liaising with clients, and where problem solving rather than personal relations is king. It is as close to home as it can get. Still, don’t hesitate to approach him to strike up a conversation though, he may start off a little shy but you’d be surprised at the kind of nonsensical conversations that arise!

Mario Chua Tze Hong

Contestant S8

Age: 30 Years old Height 186cm Weight 87kg

Mario spent 2 years in the finance industry after graduating from university.

Having a passion for fitness, Mario decided to step out of his comfort zone and pursue his career in fitness so that he may learn more about the field and help people around me who are lost in their own fitness journeys. It gives him great satisfaction to see people around him consistently improving in their wellbeing.

He also loves music and is self-taught in guitar and piano. He also enjoys composing and playing instrumentals.

Over and above, Mario loves travelling and is driven to seek out scenic sights and enjoys the therapeutic feeling of being lost in nature.

Igor Ferreira Alves

Contestant S6

Age: 35 Years Old Height 185 cm Weight 85kg

Igor started playing football at 8 years old, moving from playing on the streets of his neighbourhood to playing in junior teams across Brazil.

Being Brazilian you could assume that football is in his blood, but to succeed you need a level of competitiveness and a strong work ethic. When Igor was 16, he started playing football professionally. When you say “professional footballer” it may conjure up an image of money, fame and fortune, when in reality in the lower divisions this means, time, dedication and a lot of personal sacrifice.

Leaving home at 16 was tough, but with the support of his family and friends, Igor has made football a career, and went on to play in 6 countries across 4 continents. Igor remembers playing football in Spain and spending his final savings on a flight to Sweden which was a huge risk but thankfully resulted him earning enough money to progress his career.

Football brought Igor to Singapore over 6 years ago and he is proud to have the opportunity to live in such a progressive country. A country that is a complete contrast to his native Brazil, but a country Igor relates to as constantly striving to be forward looking and achieving the best for its citizens and residents.

Igor now trains junior footballers and through his job as a coach he is committed to developing others who share the passion for football and fitness that he does.

In addition to being focussed on developing youngsters in Singapore. Igor is also keen to develop himself further and in addition to being fluent in three languages, and holding an IT Diploma Igor is also studying for a degree in Business Administration.

Igor’s philosophy is to focus on being the best person that you can be and make the most of the opportunities life presents you. Through the competition Igor wants to demonstrate the importance of being fit and healthy. Most people would like to be richer or have more material possessions, but your health really is the most important thing and with a healthy body and mind, you can achieve whatever you aspire to be in life.

Nicholas Ng Yu Heng

Contestant No. 9

Age: 24 Years old, Height 178cm, Weight 71kg

Nicknamed “Sotong” while growing up, Nicholas was a kid engrossed in books and oblivious to people around him. He enjoyed books about science and dreamt about mysterious physical phenomena. He also memorised Pi up to 150 digits, which he claims are still stuck in his head. He assures you he can still regurgitate it today, but can’t assure that you won’t be bored to tears. At 12, he read Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time” and promised himself that he would study Physics in university, which he eventually did.

Along the way, Nicholas took a keen interest in developing his physique. Being stuck in his own world most of the time, he realised he needed to relate to people, and figured building a decent physique would allow him to communicate with others better. He began scouring “Men’s Health” magazines at 16 to look for inspiration in pursuing a 6-pack. Born and raised as a Christian, he was always taught to pray to God in everything he did, but he can only ever remember praying to God for a nice body! Every night, he would ask God to give him nice muscles when he grew up. It is up to you to decide if Nicholas’ prayers have been answered.

Unfortunately, His obsession with his physique very quickly led to an eating disorder. He was always concerned with maintaining his 6-pack and frequently starved himself for it. At 18, obsessing over tracking his food, and frequently avoiding eating out due to fear of unknown calories, he weighed a mere 54 kg. When he did eat out, he struggled with dark thoughts and feelings about his body. He has now overcome all this, but hopes to use Mr World Singapore 2020 as a platform to raise awareness about eating disorders in men.

Having graduated as a Physics major in NUS this year, Nicholas jokes that he is a Physics and Physique double major – which is not far from the truth as he trained at the gym 4-5 times weekly in his university days. On graduation, he had to choose between a career in

Physics or a career related to Fitness. He chose the latter and is now a full-time personal trainer and online coach.

Nicholas spends his free time on more artistic pursuits because he felt his childhood was filled with too much left-brain activity while he neglected his right brain. Apart from his physique being (in his own words) his own work of art, he picked up playing the piano two years ago and is now studying for his Grade 5 exam. He also reads philosophy books occasionally, not because he finds them inherently interesting but because he uses them as inspiration when he runs out of topics to talk about when dating. To find out more about the competition, please go to

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