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5 Best Healthy Meal Prep in Singapore

Some of us aren’t that keen on picking up a healthy diet because buying quality food can be expensive. Why spend $25 on a quinoa salad when a burger only costs $15 - with sides and a drink? Now what if I told you that instead of the burger meal, you can eat healthier food at the same price, or even cheaper?

With that, here are 5 affordable meal prep subscription services in Singapore that prove healthy eating can be healthy, all sorted according to price.

1. From $6.90 - YOLO

Photo Credit: YOLO

With YOLO, healthy eating doesn’t need to be expensive. Also Halal-certified, YOLO is known for their affordable, nutritious meals starting at $6.90 that can be delivered to your doorstep. Their meals often have a local flair with options such as chicken rice and laksa. They also have vegan and vegetarian options, which taste delicious as well!

2. From $7.50 – Fitnessration

Photo Credit: Fitnessration

With Fitnessration, you can choose from three meal series – the Rise Breakfast Series, Active Meal Series, or Cutting Edge Keto. Depending on which best suits your diet and eating habits, you can choose the Active meals to build muscle, or the Keto meal prep if you want high fat, low carbs. Their Rise Breakfast Series is the most affordable meal plan, starting from $7.50. Despite being frozen convenience meals, the food is delicious and of high quality!

3. From $10++ - Nutrify Meals

Photo Credit: Nutrify Meals

Nutrify Meals is the perfect meal prep for those of you who count your food calories. Formerly known as Primal Meal Prep, Nutrify Meals uses macro calculators to ensure the optimum nutrition for your diet and body type. It’s another good option for those of you who want to customise your meals.

4. From $12.90 – FitThree

Photo Credit: FitThree

Here at FitThree, you will be served ingredients that are organic, locally sourced, and non-GMO. FitThree also offers low-carb and vegetarian options. The only downside is that they only deliver every Monday and Thursday, unless you don’t mind picking up the meals yourself at their 30 selected gyms. Every meal starts at $12.90 for a standard meal, and $15.90 for a large meal.

5. Bonus: From $17 – AMGD

Photo Credit: AMGD

AMGD is one of the more expensive meal prep services with meals starting at $17, but they deserve a spot on our list as the food is so delicious. Alternatively, you can opt for a package with more meals, and enjoy cheaper individual meal prices according to the package selected. While the meals are hearty, they are also very low in calories, so you can eat guilt-free to your heart’s content!

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