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5 Best Fitness YouTubers to Follow To Build That Chiselled Body

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

With the increasingly strict safety distancing regulations and measures in place, it might just be a long time before fitness studios and gyms open up to offer you the comfort of exercising in an air conditioned facility and the luxury of using sophisticated machines. In times like this, many of us either let ourselves go, or make do with jogging at the park near our homes, which wind up being rather repetitive.

Some of us would want a structure to our fitness routine, which can be provided with the advance in technology today. Gone are the days of replaying the same 3 aerobics fitness DVDs or cassette tapes on TV, we now have a wonderful contraption called the smartphone that gives us access to free fitness content all over the internet.

80’s aerobics, HIIT or simply a fitness routine to whip your body into shape, the Internet has it all. But our team has scoured videos among all the fitness videos on YouTube, and extracted the cream of the crop for you to follow, so you can be the next David Beckham.

Double chin, dad bod who? It’s time to buy a belt because you’ll be losing those pounds.

DLM Model Lifestyle

This channel is dedicated to fitness routines to mould your body into that of a model’s. This channel is run by international model Daniel Maritz, who had been working in the entertainment industry for over a decade. Maritz advocates for daily, regular eating of healthy foods as he believes that this method is the healthiest and easiest way to lose weight, instead of crash diets which cause you to lose and then gain back a whole bunch of weight.

Check out his video here:

His YouTube channel is a one stop for content about losing weight and maintaining one’s health and fitness, so it’s an extremely convenient resource for taking fitness advice from.

Fraser Wilson

Wilson posts quick and easy 10 minute workouts per day, which make it painfully easy for beginners and people who have rigid schedules alike to follow his fitness plans and lose weight. His home workout videos are also mostly apartment friendly, which make it extremely suitable for those who live in HDB apartments or condominium complexes and have neighbours living below your flat.

Check out his video here:

Fit Media Channel

They self proclaim to be the “best fitness channel on YouTube”, and they have the states to show for it. With a whopping 1.4 million subscribers, it is safe to say that they are one of the most popular fitness channels on YouTube. They also showcase world class fitness athletes, events and workouts from top fitness stars on their channel, so you know they’re reliable.

Their latest video consisting twin brothers Hassan and Hussein are an interesting watch:

Jordan Yeoh Fitness

The owner of this channel, Jordan Yeoh, provides varying levels of difficulties for beginners, intermediate or advanced exercisers. His videos are straight to the point and offer effective and intensive exercises to make sure you get your whole body moving and blood pumping for the day. Yeoh also thoughtfully includes the approximate amount of calories you burn so you can track and enter it into any fitness tracking apps, or simply just to be sure of your net calorie consumption on a day to day basis. He also has an app which you can download to track your fitness progress and use to keep up with the latest updates from him.

Check out his video here:


True to the name of the channel BullyJuice, this channel specializes in bullying you into finishing your workout. BullyJuice has a nice mix of both gym and home workouts which don’t require any equipment, so you can switch up your fitness routine as and when you like, and just watch another video from BullyJuice. One differentiating factor about BullyJuice is that he acts as a virtual personal trainer from the screen, to motivate you to finish your workout and not give up, which makes exercising from home feel a lot less lonely than it actually is. Not to mention, he has one of the coolest hairstyles and will probably motivate you to style your hair when you exercise.

Check out his video here:

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