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3 Heartwarming stories from the Mr World 2020 Contestants

Here's 3 heartwarming stories you should know from the Mr World 2020 Contestants;

Contestant S1

Terence Ong

Age 35, Height 170cm, Weight 66kg

Shaping the love of Soccer for the next generation

The journey has been a tough one, but Terence Ong would not have had it any other way. Three knee operations before the age of 21 left the one-time promising youth footballer rueing what might have been as he entered national service with his dreams of playing the game he loved in tatters.

The promising ex youth player tried his hand in the banking industry after his enlistment but the lure of the beautiful game proved too much for Terence as he found himself drawn once more to football.

With his knee unable to stand the rigours of the professional game, Terence fell in love with the art of football freestyling. Terence founded the Urban Street Team which is the only recognised pioneering freestyle crews in Singapore.

Their exploits have seen them truly live the football dream having travelled the world, performed at multiple international events like the International Champions Cup, SEA Games and Youth Olympic Games as well as rubbed shoulders with stars such as world cup winner Paul Pogba and Singapore legend Fandi Ahmad.

Success though, did not come easy as Terence struggled to convince friends and family that his football dream would come good. Gigs were hard to come by in the early days and the lack of stability made Terence question his decision to pursue football full time. Fuelled by his passion and with a lot of hard work Terence pushed through till he ultimately found success.

Having been through many ups and downs, the then 31 year old decided he wanted to impart his knowledge and belief in hard work to a younger generation and together with world renowned club Sporting CP, Terence helped set up their Singapore academy.

As a role model to kids, Terence also turned his life around wanting to set the best example he could to his students. Through hard work and dedication, the freestyler turned coach changed his lifestyle and (with some difficulty!) diet to be the best inspiration to his kids.

Now 35, the boyish Terence is in the best shape of his life both physically and mentally and having scored many goals on the field, now hopes to help as many people as he can achieve theirs.

Contestant S12

Fairul Edham Hirdayat Bin Dahlan

Age: 33

Height 169cm

Weight 61kg

A voice for the LGBTQIA+ community

Since a young age, Fairul was exposed to all forms of art. His mother, an artist and his late dad, a singer, made Fairul a very curious boy who has always loved art. He draws and paints and creates toys out of random things only because he just wants to use his creativity. Needless to say, Fairul was “colourful” since young.

He didn’t stop there. Because his late dad also exposed him to music, Fairul was in the band since primary school. Fairul stayed and pursued his musical talent even after he graduated from secondary school. He was also the school’s band major. But, he didn’t stop there.

When Fairul was 14, he was exposed to cheerleading and it sparked an interest in him. He started learning about it through books that he found at the library. He was determined to venture into this sport. When he discovered that he had a flare for it, Fairul got himself certified to coach and also judge. Fairul has since represented Singapore as a competitor and as a judge locally and internationally. He has been doing cheerleading since 2002 and

has since won a lot of titles under his belt.

Nope. He didn’t stop there either. While he was enlisted in the army, Fairul learned about the music and drama company. He decided to audition for a spot even though he had no prior dancing, singing, acting or hosting experience. To his surprise, he made it and he got into SAF MDC. This is where Fairul got exposed to even a lot more aspects of performance. He had to learn how to dance, sing, act and host. But it was because of this experience in MDC,

Fairul knew, he loved being on stage performing. This was also the reason why, Fairul decided to pursue being a drag queen.

2 years ago, Fairul was inducted into House of miss Joaquim. Mentored by his drag mother Vanda miss Joaquim, Fairul’s alter ego farrah shamrock, was born. Farrah joined her first ever lipsync competition and won. This then catapulted Farrah’s drag career. Fairul found his stage and has been working on his craft ever since.

Fairul believes that he can achieve anything he wants so Long as he sets his mind to it. Today, Fairul wants to be the voice for people of the LGBTQIA+ community. He believes that he can use the Mr World Singapore platform to let the voices of the unheard be heard.

Contestant S10

Jerry Ng Ke Ming

Age: 33

Height 178cm

Weight 70kg

A never say die attitude towards joining Mr World 2020

Jerry almost gave up on his Mr World 2020 journey when he was diagnosed with appendicitis around his colon in early July this year. The doctors at SGH had suggested that he stop his workouts in the gym for a couple of months till he regains full recovery. But through his sheer determination and positivity, he persevered and recovered within the shortest period of time, and by mid August, he was able to continue his quest for Mr World finals.

By his looks, Jerry can be easily mistaken as a Japanese or Korean due to his features. But his typical Singlish accent is a dead giveaway to everyone who meets him. He is friendly, witty and warm, hence he gets along well with anyone in work and leisure. Jerry exudes an aura of positive energy in everywhere he goes, uplifting the energy of anyone when required.

Since his schooldays, he has never been an achiever in his academics from Primary, Secondary, Polytechnic to University days. He barely scraped through every semester as he was not someone well performing in theory but rather on practical lessons. He has diplomas in Telecommunication and Business Management and as well as a degree in Economics & Finance.

From his goals to become a successful entrepreneur, Jerry aspires to build a start-up empire within the tech industry in times where Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba and Microsoft are thriving. His interests are focused on disruptive technologies that may improve daily lives for everyone in every society.

Jerry truly believes in the universal law of attraction and lives by the following statement from Napoleon Hill - “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”, if one has the intention to attain something, he or she will. YOLO is also part of his motto as someone who should try to experience as many things as possible in one’s life as he wouldn’t want to live with any regrets for those missed opportunities passed. On that point, he is still single.

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