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26 Contestants battle in this year's Mr World Singapore 2022

A total of 26 contestants will be vying for the winning title(s) this year; 15 for Mr World Singapore 2022; and 11 for Mr World Senior Singapore 2022 (30 & Above),– with the youngest contestant at 20 years old and the oldest contestant at 40 years old.

This year’s theme for Mr World Singapore is “CHANGING LIVES”, a two-fold message: through the years of the pandemic, the world has had to change the way even the most basic things are done. Our lives have changed, perhaps forever. However, no matter how things change, the courage and strength with which a man approaches and copes with the obstacles in his life, to gain an ultimate understanding of his life’s purpose; and to live with deeper meaning and resonance with the world, remains his lifelong pursuit.

The organiser, Beam Artistes has envisioned Mr World's journey to be a powerful platform that enables the finalists to not just showcase their good looks and physiques, but also to shape and mold the finalists for their lives ahead. Through their journeys, they hope to inspire Singaporeans to also become the best versions of themselves.

This year, after a series of open and closed-door auditions, the organiser has distilled the number of more than 100 potential candidates, to 26 finalists to form the Class of 2022 - each unique and representing a different face of modern manhood. From a packer at a local supermarket to a firefighter, from a muscle-bound nurse to a PR and marketing professional struggling with a stutter, each of these men possesses a story that deserves to be told.

These stories tell of the different elements which have converged to build their unique character traits, forming the persons they are today. In every edition of the Beam Search, they desire to see the stories that can change perceptions to encourage societal growth, change lives, through stories that can inspire the whole of Singapore.

Readers can follow the finalists on social media and get the latest profiles, news and videos on Mr World Singapore’s official Facebook Page and Instagram account.

We will be covering more stories of Mr World Singapore 2022 in the days to come. Stay tuned.