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10 Gyms to consider in Singapore

You make the resolution to stay fit every year and find It hard to maintain your activities to reach that goal. What you need is a real gym membership to give you an atmosphere where you can work out. Here is a list of 10 gems in Singapore where you get as much physical as you want.

1. Cell

CELL is situated at Serangoon Garden Way, and on the offer are both personal training sessions as well as group classes. Their primary focus is on workouts like Yoga, Pilates, Primal, Kettlebell and Circuit.

Credit: Cell

2. Muse Fitness Club

If you are a Muay Thai enthusiast, then you should definitely be going to this. Muse Fitness Club has entered into partnerships with the best athletes and trainers from South East Asia, so you will be in good hands.

3. Amore Fitness

Amore has been in Singapore since 1985 and now they have many branches across Singapore. They offer a wide range of classes, all the way from pilates to belly dance and aerobic to power pump. This guarantees that everyone can find a class to match their personal interests and fitness levels.

Credit: Amore

4. Aileron Wellness

This gym is located at Larkhill Road. It is famous for using unconventional ways of leading educators as far as fitness is concerned. Here, you can get personal training classes along with fitness classes like Fit Mummy workout, Bootcamp and Groove & Impact.

Credit: Aileron Wellness

5. Pure Fitness

Pure Fitness is gym that is originally from Hong Kong. Their branch in Singapore is located in Asia Square Tower. They offer Pure Yoga, and also have a plethora of other classes like dance, kickboxing, pre-natal fitness, resistance training, pole dance and other interesting fitness options.

6. Fitness First Singapore

For anyone who has gone around Singapore has heard of the gym, Fitness First. It is hard to miss their familiar looking logo. Along with that, they have won many local awards for their state of the art gymnasium.

Credit: Fitness First Singapore

7. Genesis Gym Singapore

Genesis has been running in Singapore for more than a decade. They have a solid training system that primarily focuses on nutrition, exercise, posture correction, injury management and more. Safety is given priority here, so will be trained by expert coaches.

8. Celebrity Fitness Singapore

Celebrity Fitness is also a popular name which is seen very often. It is one of the most popular gyms of South East Asia with branches in Malaysia, India, Singapore and Indonesia. They believe that all customers should be treated like stars, and provided with the best services and fitness programs.

Credit: Celebrity Fitness

9. Gymmboxx

Gymmboxx has made a lot of progress since they started in 2010, when they found first location on the top of a car parking area in Bedok Reservoir. Now the gym is known as the premium affordable gym brand of Singapore. The gym now has branches throughout the country.

10. Crossfit Mobilus

Men and women who are fans of crossfit need not worry ans they have a place now. Mobilus was started by a group of ex-military men. This method is mostly adopted by people who need to stay physically fit and they can learn the tricks of the trade from centers like Mobilus.

So, now you can stay fit in Singapore!

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