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10 'Goodlooking' IG Accounts to check out

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

In this post, we pry through the Instagram space and help you discover 10 goodlooking guys to follow. Feeling bored, why not just add 10 more goodlooking friends in your follow list. Are they goodlooking? You play the judge.

Robin Tiang

Robin Tiang is certainly a familiar face. Most notably seen in a recent NTUC Income commercial where he played a young dad sandwiched in between the older generation and his new born. He is a model managed buy Facestm. With hard work, we believe his career will cross over to film and dramas very soon.


Followers: 6683

Ryan Ang

Ryan Ang is a Singaporean Freelance performer, dancer and actor. In recent years, Ryan has discovered his passion for acting and musical theatre and has done ensemble work in musicals and productions, as we as projects in film and TV. He graduated from NUS with a Bachelor of Arts (Comms and New Media)


Instagram Followers: 12.6

Jeremy Kieran

Jeremy Kieran is a director and founder of Telescope, which also produces a monthly newsletter and e-magazine that showcases its latest works and original content.


Instagram followers:6497

Xinde Yap

Xinde Yap, a business owner for popular fusion food restaurant Chug Chug, is a popular online personality. Apart from being active on his business, he also manages his child account Bree Yap ZY [ breepootato ]. We think if Xinde works even harder in the entertainment business, he will definitely have a shot venturing in oversea films and productions.


Instagram followers: 71.4K


Esmond seems to be traveling often have been actively engaging his fans on his IG through his travel and lifestyle posts.


Followers: 11k


Also one of the talents for Dee Kosh Mangement, Shi wows his audiences with his boyish clean cut good looks.


Followers: 70.7K


Still quite a relatively unknown in the Instagram influencer space, this guy stands a chance to find more publicity in the near future


Followers: 5620

Louis Lye

Louise Lye, who is a financial planner, has been living life to the fullest from his frequent travels and tik tok videos.


Followers: 29.7K

Frandy Tan

This fitness trainer, who is a Myprotein Ambassador, provides personal training for anyone who is keen to beef up themselves.


Followers: 169K


Brandy is a fitness, lifestyle and travel influencer in Singapore.

Followers: 10.8K

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