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10 Business Startups to Consider with Low Risk

1) Run an Online Fashion Store

Online fashion stores are a sure hit these days especially because it is now easier to reach out to countless of potential customers around the globe through the help of social networking sites. To succeed, it is imperative to decide on your USP and be sure to spread it to attract customers.

In line with this, you have to consider why people should purchase your products and not buy from other sites? What makes your products different among others? It is a must to allow people to know how and why your offers are special and unique among the rest.

In addition, ensure that the name of your shop is unforgettable and relevant. It is highly advised to keep your name as simple as possible and do not overly complicate it otherwise your potential customers might have a difficulty remembering it.

It also makes sense to do a research about the pricing of your competitors and consider making yours more appealing.

2) Open a Tuition Center

Running a tuition center otherwise termed as home tutoring service is deemed as one of the countless of options in terms of setting up a business right at your own home. The tuition center can be large, small, in rented space or based at home.

Moreover, hinging on your educational qualifications, it is possible for you to teach students of different age groups and you can even teach some adults too. Whatever subject you are a graduate of or expert at, such as if you graduate in humanities- you can handle social studies and English while graduates in sciences may teach science and math- both primary school up to grade 12.

Meanwhile, postgraduates can run classes for students in college levels who need to take competitive examinations. Take in mind that you do not need to allow your qualifications restrict you in terms of the subjects you can handle.

What is truly essential is your knowledge about the subject and the level of your ability when it comes to figuring out what age groups and subjects you would like to teach. It is worth mentioning that knowing other foreign languages could greatly add value to the services you provide in your tuition center.

3) Start a Gym

To start your own gym, it is important to secure a fitness professional certification first. This is primarily because creditability is quite valuable when starting a gym. Customers as well as loan officers shall consider your industry experience level as a clear reflection of your abilities and of course your competence.

Go over and pick the gym business services. Point out your client base factors into the kind of classes and services your gym shall offer. The reason behind this is because gyms offer a lot of services to their customers from rehabilitation to shedding extra pounds.

Look for a location that shall support the gym services you provide, choose the fitness equipment after picking the services you will offer and identify the required or needed fitness equipment. Then, consider applying for licenses and permits for your business, get a business insurance to protect your business and decorate the gym facility, set up the fitness equipment, hire the needed staff and start your advertising campaign.

4) Open a Cafe

Starting a small café can be a fun and enriching process. First, consider visiting a competitive café in your region. Observe what they sell and their pricing. From there, you can decide what products you wish to sell. Contemplate on the menu items or extra drinks you could sell which would discern your café from your rivals. Visit the website in order to find out what licenses you will require for your café.

Then, choose a location for your café. Pick the one that is nearby downtown business district, mall or a busy intersection. Make sure to negotiate about rental expenses. Afterwards, contact many food supply wholesalers and review their offers and from there make a wide decision.

Determine how much you shall require for your small business. Fund it with your savings or consider a bank loan if needed. After you arrange your financing, order your food and other supplies. Employ people you need for your small business. Do the advertising campaigns such as distributing fliers or place a print and online advertisement with your local phone directory.

5) Start a Hawker Stall

To run or start a hawker stall, take note that if the food stall is situated in HDB/NEA market or food center, it is required to apply for a hawker stall license from the NEA Hawkers Department. It is necessary to refer to the site for more information. Since January 01, 2015, the fee for obtaining license was revised to thirty-two dollars but this exempts food stalls in primary, secondary and junior college canteens.

6) Be a Distributor for Overseas Brands

Make an account and work out if you know for yourself that your opportunity or idea regarding overseas distributorship is worthwhile as well as lucrative. From there, consider learning how to import and launch lucratively. If you wish to grow your product range from distinctive products from diverse markets, it matters to set up an import distributorship and then introduce it to the market.

7) Run an Online Media Website

To run an online media website, it is fundamental to become a site that comes with a wider reach, say news, communications, general social networking etc. In the same way, your website must come with demographic targeting. Or, make sure that your site comes with catching opportunities.

Take note that your content matters the most in running an online media website. This serves as an ultimate weapon for entrepreneurs provided that it is done properly. In addition to this, the cost to build, publish as well as promote is considered low with the perks being so considerable. Assuredly, the tools and opportunity are there.

8) Start a YouTube Marketing Business

Video optimization for Google search or for onsite is the secret to success when it comes to YouTube. Take into consideration that the use of relevant keywords in your description, tags as well as title can notably assist users to find your videos for relevant searches.

For your title, use the keywords first then your branding second. If relevant, you may also use episode numbers or season. And, most essentially, utilize a title that shows a clear image of the content of your video. If possible, keep your title to more or less fifty characters.

For the tags, remember that these shall become your primary keywords. Consider using all the one hundred twenty characters for optimal results. To know which correct tags to use on your videos, consider checking which ones other content providers are utilizing.

For the description, consider including a call to action so to attract the viewers to take the next step. See to it that your value proposition is placed close to the start – the first three sentences of your description shall be displayed in search. The most substantial element you should add in your description is a website URL.

Keep in mind that it is crucial to use it near the start of the description so to entice even casual viewers to check your site. It would be of great help if you offer something of value to attract viewers to check you through related content, transcript or free info product.

On the other hand, there are several ways to add captions, this can be done manually, after that, you may upload a closed caption file or a subtitle or you can line up the video with a transcription.

9) Start an Agency (PR/ Digital / Production)

Starting a company, say a digital, PR or production agency, requires more than merely creation and framing skills or a huge capital for the business. For a fact, this calls for a discreet plan to fulfill your vision.

It is vital to do thorough research first, then, you have to contemplate on factors like how insightful are you about the business, how will operating an agency affect your family, will you have to quit your job, where will your agency be located and how shall you support yourself till you make a profit?

10) Start an Organic/Healthy Food Distributor Service

Without doubt, starting a distribution enterprise can be a very exciting venture to partake in. you will be required to set up your office initially at your home in order to keep your expenses low. Then, you need to create a name for your organic or healthy food distributor service and register it. Select either wholesalers or retail firms to target since you shall run more effectively working within a specific niche.

Think carefully whether you shall start your distribution firm from scratch or decide if it is better to affiliate with an experienced distributor. Contact several manufacturer or wholesaler suppliers and choose the one that could provide you with the least expensive unit cost on products. Continue to advertise your enterprise through the help of search engine optimization or classified ads.

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