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《都市鬼传说》“Urban Legends” helmed by Lau Su Hao, investigates paranormal sightings

Singapore’s latest 8 episode paranormal investigation series,《都市鬼传说》 “Urban Legends” is a collaborative project on the AMM App, between paranormal host, Lau Su Hao and Asia Momentum Media. The first live-broadcasted episode aired internationally on the 5th of October at 10.30 PM to viewers from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

《都市鬼传说》 “Urban Legends” is an outdoor paranormal investigation series that requires the host, the guardian and the guest to travel to different places of horror, each one boasting its own frightful local history and mysterious ghost sightings (currently beginning with Singapore). While exploring these destinations as the audience watches on LIVE, the host and guest engage in conversation, sharing about a mix of legends, speculations and information at the very spot they are standing. Audience may, at any given moment, send in comments LIVE or ask questions, with the host and guest ready to answer or converse more. The guest changes with each episode, some brave, some skeptical and some fearful - an echo for the many types of audience sentiments regarding paranormal activity.

《都市鬼传说》 “Urban Legends” features a guardian, a silent character shrouded in mystery, dons a dark jumpsuit, black gloves and boots, and the mask of a horse (阿马, or Horsey). Seemingly calm and fearless no matter the location, no one truly knows what the background of this masked individual is. It is a truly conflicting sentiment whether this makes things safer, or creepier as the horse is known to be one of two prominent guardians (Ox-Face and Ox-Head) from the underworld, charged in delivering souls to the afterlife based on old Chinese myths and legends.

《都市鬼传说》 “Urban Legends” uses an organic method of filming, just as the original paranormal adventurers used to do it. With a handheld tripod and a camera, Urban Legends takes the audience on a genuine night-time journey around infamous locations, with no retakes, no scripts and no acting. Eagle-eyed and sharp-eared fans constantly keep a look-out for creepy noises, shadows or figures - snapping screenshots and sending it over, or even exclaiming in the comment section during the livestream.

The first LIVE paranormal exploration series in AMM,《都市鬼传说》 “Urban Legends,” airs for 8 episodes every Tuesday, 10.30 PM as of 5th October 2021, exclusively on the AMM App to viewers from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It is produced and hosted by Lau Su Hao (former seasoned police officer with many scary experiences to share, former Love 97.2 《周公讲鬼》“Mr Zhou’s Ghost Stories” radio DJ, host of paranormal web talk shows 《楼下有鬼!》”Downstairs Got Ghost!”、《今夜谁讲 鬼?》”Bedtime Ghost Stories.” In time to come, Asia Momentum Media aims to take the team and our viewers to countries throughout Asia to truly be Asia’s very first《都市鬼传说》“Urban Legends!”

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