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Dennis Toh

An actor model who has appeared in more than 20 local commercials and dramas in the last 3 years, Dennis Toh begun his acting journey when he entered as the TOP 12 finalists for Star Search 2001. After a 14 year hiatus, Dennis got in touched with a fellow alumnus and was involved as an actor in 2 church plays. His love for acting and modeling was since reignited.


Dennis graduated from NTU, WKWSCI in 2006 and had recently launched a book ‘101 ways to get publicity’. He was last seen as a security guard in a ‘MOM workfare’ Commercial.


He has appeared in Four Horse Road 2020 staged by The Theatre Practice In Mar/April 2020.


He currently teaches Mass Media and Communication subjects at a few tertiary institutions in Singapore.


This website is his hobby site.


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Dennis Toh

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